The team at biscuitini are a forward thinking bunch with some old fashioned values. With years of baking experience behind us we wanted to go back to basics. We wanted to embrace time honoured methods, to properly engage with and enjoy our work. Using our only our hands and simple tools, in a simple way, we set out to create something special. We are an artisan business in the truest sense of the word.

As bakers we set out to create a celebration of flavour and texture, an alchemy of simple, natural ingredients, carefully and creatively combined. Our process is a slow one. We develop flavour and texture in stages and over time, taking biscuit baking to a whole new level.

Our gift boxes

We believe that a gift should be special, a pleasure to send and receive. Every element of our gift boxes has been designed and created with that in mind.

Each box contains 24 bitesize biscuitini, beautifully packed and wrapped to fit through a letterbox. They are intended as a treat, a small indulgence, a gift that lingers in the memory as well as the taste buds.

Our flavours

Our core range offers something for everyone, with flavours ranging from the simple to the sophisticated. 

As bakers we love to work with new and interesting combinations, so ‘Guest’ flavours will also pop up from time to time.